Tools and Techniques

Medical Lymph Taping

Medical Lymph Taping is used in conjunction with MLD to stimulate fluid movement in the skin to reduce swelling post injury or surgery. Medical Lymph Tape can also be used as part of the management plan for Lymphoedema and Lipoedema.

You may also hear this referred to as Kinesio Tape however be aware that the tape used in Clinic is specifically for lymphatic stimulation.
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Why Tape?

Medical Lymph Taping maintains the effects of MLD and continues to stimulate decongestion of the taped tissue between MLD sessions. It remains effective for as long as the tape is on the skin which is generally 5-7 days. The Medical Tape is waterproof so can tolerate showering and swimming.

Effects of Lymph Taping

Lymph Tape is a highly elastic latex free adhesive tape made of 100% cotton which allows it to work with the soft tissues of the body rather than restricting them.

It is applied to stretched skin and when the body returns to its’ resting position the recoil of the tape creates convolutions which lifts the epidermis of the skin. This creates space in the dermis where the initial lymph vessels, blood vessels and nerve receptors are found. Pressure in the tissues beneath the tape is less than areas where tape has not been applied and fluid moves from higher pressure areas towards the tape.

Movement during daily activities and exercise moves the skin creating pressure differences beneath the tape. This has a micro massage effect stimulating transport of fluid and directing it away from swollen areas thus reducing pain and irritation.