MacLymph News

  • Now open on Saturday!

    I am settling in well with the folks at Insight Healthcare. I have the MediRent SIPC pump as a free add on to any lymphatic treatment. Just wear loose clohing for an arm or leg treatment. If you have Comfiwave garments then bring them. A reminder that my working days are Wednesday, Friday and Saturday […]

  • New location. New hours.

    Exciting news I am now based in Birkenhead in a lovely shared space with Insight Healthcare. Pop online and make a booking as I would love to see you.

  • Lymphatic wellness in the news!

    Great to see Claire Boyce talking about the benefits of manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) on the TV Three AM show earlier this week. Not all Therapists / Practitioners will be trained the same as there is a varied range of training out there. Please do your research to ensure the person who lays hands on […]

  • Pregancy and Manual Lymphatic Drainage

    Yes! Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is great for supporting pregnancy and post pregnancy. I’ve popped up a page on the main website to discuss this more. Reach out if you want further information!

  • Lipoedema Australia Conference 2022

    A bit of a post day #1 Lipoedema Australia Conference ramble for y’all. Day 2 starts shortly 😀 How awesome is Dr Karen Herbst? We had over 3 hours with her and that was still not enough! Dr Herbst ratified that her findings and some new papers released this week (links to be provided) supported […]

  • Post Covid-19 Symptoms and Lymphatic Treatments

    This past week, I have starting seeing clients who have been recovering from Covid-19 with lymphatic treatments. A general treatment will cover not only the general areas but those intercostal pathways. Interestingly enough, Dr Jan Douglass our Vodder trainer in Australia is documenting the results of Dr Vodder Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) and is setting […]

  • Summer and maintaining your lymphatic wellbeing

    Welcome to 2021! With the heat and humidity cranking it up, you may find your lower legs are starting to swell or you are feeling “uncomfortable” in you abdomen. Think deep belly breathing regularly throughout the day to “move that lymph”, keep yourself as cool as possible, keep hydrated and where possible do some safe […]

  • Want to know more about the lymphatic system and the benefits of lymphatic massage aka MLD?

    This fun but informative YouTube Clip by Shannon Goins, CLT who is a US based Lymphatic Practitioner just made this available. I think it rocks but would love to know what you think. This video shows you: What the lymphatic system is How the lymphatic system does its job How the lymphatic system can get […]

  • Head and Neck Lymphoedema Management

    I am absolutely delighted to announce I have completed with the Klose School for Lymphoedema Management a wonderful course on Head and Neck for post surgery / radiation therapy.This course identified surgical and radiation therapy effects that lead to secondary lymphoedema for the head and neck. It also provided instruction in compression therapy and Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) techniques for the head and neck and discussed therapy for trismus and shoulder dysfunction.