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Lipoedema Australia Conference 2022

A bit of a post day #1 Lipoedema Australia Conference ramble for y’all. Day 2 starts shortly 😀
How awesome is Dr Karen Herbst? We had over 3 hours with her and that was still not enough!
Dr Herbst ratified that her findings and some new papers released this week (links to be provided) supported her approach under the US Lipedema Standard of Care that;
1. There is oedema in lipoedema tissue
2. Women with lipoedema will benefit from Combined Decongestive Therapy aka CDT including MLD, compression garments and the use of pneumatic compression pumps. Results will vary depending on staging.
3. She talked about other supportive therapies like negative pressure, deep fascia release, Hivamat oscillation therapy (this is my DOT machine ) and even use of the low level laser (like the Riancorp I have) can assist with fibrosis and pain management. Dr Herbst loves vibration therapies!
4. Having a health eating plan, and exercise plan to increase strength and improve your metabolic rate alongside supplements should be part of your treatment plan
The key message was around reducing inflammation in the body and treating early!
Megan Pfeffer who is a Clinical Nutrionist in Australia was next up. She discussed the Mediterranean diet and the benefits of a sustaiable Keto programme.
– She and Dr Herbst have just collaborated on an eBook for medical testing which is available for pre-order

For more information pop over to Megan’s website <

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