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Oncology Massage

Trained by Oncology MassageOncology massage is a specialised treatment adapted specifically for those living with, or have had a history of cancer. As a therapist, I have been trained and certified by Oncology Massage Australia, which means that you can rest assured that your treatment will be safely adjusted taking into consideration any contraindications relating to your current or past treatment, including lymph node removal, scarring or tumour sites.

Massage is not massage unless it touches the soul – Rudolph Steiner

What are the benefits of Oncology Support Massage

The benefits from receiving gentle, therapeutic and nurturing touch during a time of illness cannot be overstated.

Potential benefits include

– Decreased pain
– Increased confidence in the body
– Improved movement and functionality
Credit Medicine Hands:Therapy for People with Cancer – author Gayle McDonald
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Note: When working with clients whose bodies and immune systems are already compromised from the treatment of cancer, only organic almond oil is used unless otherwise requested.

Is this a deep tissue massage?

No, this is a gentle relaxation massage with the focus being very much on gentle, slow and nurturing strokes which bring about a state of deep relaxation. While you may be used to a deeper, heavier touch, during this time in your treatments, a gentle touch will provide your body with the care it needs.

I’m in the middle of my cancer treatments, can I still get a massage?

Absolutely. This is one of the reasons why I have added this to my clinic as an option. This type of massage can be safely offered at any time during your cancer treatment cycle, be it radiation or chemotherapy.

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are available to purchase online for a nominated value. A voucher is a great gift for a friend or family member who could benefit from Oncology Massage.


Southern Cross Health Society’s “Wellbeing” health insurance policy includes a “Body Care” Module. This module permits members to claim up to $400 per year for Remedial Massage Therapy. Oncology Massage falls under this category. Please check your policy for details.