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Surgery Aftercare

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Clients may make a post operative appointment for whenever their surgeon clears them to receive a treatment. Clients may not receive MLD over an area for two weeks that has been treated with any injectable treatment such as Botox or an area of fat transfer for six weeks and up to 3 months as advised by your surgeon

Dr Gould a US based plastic surgeon discusses why you should include MLD as part of your pre and post recovery plan. Posted by Kathleen Lisson CLT who is a US expert in MLD for surgery recovery
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A gentle lymphatic treatment can begin two days after the surgery. This is to help the body heal from the trauma and improve the inflammation response.

If a client is showing any signs or symptoms of post operative complications or any illness, services will not be rendered. The client will be advised to follow up with their GP or surgeon or report to an appropriate medical facility

Post operative clients should be cleared by their surgeon to receive lymphatic drainage. If your surgeon has not cleared you to receive lymphatic drainage, please contact them to discuss whether you may begin treatment.

MacLymph Lymphatic does not provide any deep or painful massage techniques to post operative clients.

MacLymph Lymphatic will not open incisions or needle aspirations of seromas or remove JP drains or sutures.

MacLymph Lymphatic can advise on post surgical compression garments, medical taping options and options for surgical compression options.


  • Always follow your surgeon’s advice regarding compression
  • MacLymph Lymphatic will always follow the surgeons protocols


Lymphatic Drainage Massage Treatment

  • Drains the excess fluid which is close to the lymph nodes
  • Reduces bruises dramatically and at a much faster pace
  • Minimises pain, discomfort, and swelling
  • Speeds up the overall process of healing
  • May help to improve the appearance of the scars and make them less visible
  • May help reduce indentations, rippling, and hard lumps in the body
  • Treatment for fibrosis / scar tissue

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Session Time

Most people are curious about how long the treatment will last. It typically lasts anywhere from thirty to sixty minutes. After your first session, you might be asked to come in twice a week day for the first two to four weeks.

  • After that, the therapist will perform a massage once a week,or as agreed, for four to six week
  • Eventually, it will be done only once a month for four to five months

What surgeries do you treat?

This therapy suits all kinds of surgeries and plastic surgery. We frequently treat;


  • breast implant removals (explant)
  • breast augmentation (with own fat)
  • post cancer breast recovery
  • liposuction
  • liposuction for Lipoedema
  • mummy makeovers
  • Abdo-360
  • face-lift
  • eye brow lifts
  • post dental procedures
  • most surgical procedures


Post operative recovery guide

Your surgeon will supply you with a post operative recovery guide but you are welcome to view this guide from CocoRuby Plastic Surgeons

Remember!You must always follow your surgeons advice and guidelines

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