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Bone Marrow Support Sequence

Trained by Oncology MassageOncology massage is a specialised treatment adapted specifically for those living with, or have had a history of cancer. As a therapist, I have been trained and certified by Oncology Massage Australia, which means that you can rest assured that your treatment will be safely adjusted taking into consideration any contraindications relating to your current or past treatment, including lymph node removal, scarring or tumour sites.

“It is not…necessary to avoid massage the day before or the day after chemotherapy, assuming that the practitioner is trained to adjust their work in a way that will be safe and supportive for the client.”
Gayle MacDonald

What is the Bone Marrow Support Sequence?

Bone marrow support sequence is a sequence of light pressure holds at various places of the body designed to improve and support bone marrow production. It is called Bone Marrow Support Sequence because the immune cells, neutrophils and natural killer cell numbers improved after treatment.

  • It is gentle and beautifully relaxing and restorative
  • Bone Marrow Support Sequence is a safe treatment for anyone at any stage in their cancer journey
  • The Bone Marrow Support Sequence is a treatment developed by Oncology Massage Training Australia
  • *Note that this treatment is done through clothing**

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