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Face Lymph Therapy

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Issues dealt with during a Face Lymph Therapy treatment


Never under estimate the power of relaxation. It is the key to health and happiness. It is a skill that many of us need to learn especially with the hectic lifestyles we now lead. We also need to give ourselves permission to relax. It is amazing how the effects of one relaxation treatment boost our whole body and mind boosting us to be overall more effective. Our treatments will bring you into a deep state of relaxation physically and mentally. We will adapt them to your needs on the day. A lymph drainage facial treatment will lull you into a calm relaxation.

Immune boosting

Your immune system is vital to your overall health. A weakened immune system will leave you vulnerable to infection and other illnesses. Lymph drainage facial is particularly effective as it works directly on the lymphatic system, a core part of your immune system, while reflexology will stimulate all aspects of your immune system.

Post-viral Fatigue

Fatigue can occur after an illness, leaving you vulnerable to re-infection and with reduced energy levels. It can last a while after the illness has cleared. A lymph drainage facial treatment can help by stimulating your immune system, encourage relaxation, and help your body to restore hormone balance and digestive function thus returning you to full health.


Allergies occur when there is an extreme response to everyday stimuli like pollen in the case of hay fever or dust. Regular lymph drainage facial can reduce this extreme response to everyday stimulus. However, it does not last forever so your therapist will give you advice on how to maintain the benefit from the lymph drainage facial treatment and how to manage some self-treatment at home. It is most successful when you get 2-3 sessions in quick succession followed by more periodic treatments and regular self-treatment.


Sinusitis or rhinosinusitis is inflammation of the paranasal sinuses. It can be due to infection, allergy, or autoimmune problems. It can lead to pain around your eyes, headaches and a feeling of heaviness. Lymph drainage facial is particularly helpful at relieving this inflammation as it encourages drainage of your sinuses thus reducing the heaviness, congestion and pain. It also regulates your immune response via your lymphatic system, a core part of your immune system. Other treatments such as Bowen Therapy can also help improve sinusitis by impacting on your immune system in other ways.